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"G&N Events are absolutely top-notch. I honestly could not recommend them more highly. They worked with us to execute a complicated and cross-cultural wedding - a Sikh ceremony at a Gurdwara in the morning, followed by a traditional evening reception. They are highly responsive and clear in their communications, and extremely detail oriented. They will do whatever it takes to make your wedding a success. In addition, they are highly professional, friendly, graceful and competent. They handled a number of mini 'crises' with ease on our big day, and allowed us the precious gift of relaxing and enjoying our wedding, knowing that everything was in excellent hands. They were so terrific, we even had our guests and family members asking us about them and telling us how wonderful they were!"


- Guru Amrit K. on The Knot 

"Words can’t fully express the relief, ease and peace of mind this team has brought to the start of my journey to plan our wedding. Though it’s a little over a year out from now, I know time will fly and my head began to spin at the thought of the whirlwind that’s to come. Not knowing where to begin, I turned to G&N to help me start to put the pieces together and they’ve been nothing short of a God-send! In the preliminary stages, all I needed was some guidance and without any commitment to additional services, they served as an encyclopedia of resources for me to explore. Instead of feeling stressed, pressured and overwhelmed, I’ve felt that I have things organized and under control – I don’t know what I’d do without them! Since I was a little girl, I’ve collected fragments of a vision of how I’d like things to be and now that the time is drawing near, I’ve struggled to articulate the ideas I’ve had my whole life; the G&N mother-daughter duo have understood me, better than I’ve understood myself! They continue to anticipate my needs, organize the mess of questions I have in my mind, provide answers to the queries I haven’t even thought to consider, adapt to my schedule and go above and beyond to find what I don’t even know I’ve set out to look for. I am so looking forward to continuing to work with this professional, friendly and knowledgeable team – they’ve made me feel confident that all my dreams, are well within my reach and my budget! Thank you for everything, G&N – here’s to this next year working with you!"


- Zara M on The Knot

"I worked with Giulia before she founded G&N Events when she was working in commercial real estate marketing. When we were working together, she spearheaded the coordination of property marketing events and always ensured that all materials were prepared on time and all necessary vendors were clear on the timing and schedule of the event. Her communication and organization skills truly helped events flow smoothly and I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for event coordination!"


- Mark R on Google 

"When I was planning my wedding, my family was not close by to help and advise me and so I turned to Nora who happened to be a family friend at that time. She helped and guided me with her years of wisdom and experience and even came wedding gown shopping with me – the results were phenomenal. I am so happy that she and her daughter, Giulia, have decided to do this professionally! I know they will give the same attention to any event they help to organize."


- Liudmila F on The Knot 

"I had the pleasure of working with Giulia when she was employed at a global commercial real estate company as a marketing associate. On a daily basis, Giulia planned events on behalf of clients that ranged from small breakfasts to large evening events. I always looked forward to working with her to plan these events because she was incredibly organized and detailed, and she was genuinely invested in her work. She was able to communicate effectively with many different personality types - vendors, brokers, clients, colleagues, and more - all of whom have nothing but complimentary words to share about Giulia and her work!

I wasn't surprised to hear Giulia launched G&N Events... she's great at what she does and I can't wait to see her creativity and hard work help her new clients!"

- Hannah H on Google 

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