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Winter Wedding Favor Ideas

It's getting colder here in the city, and winter wedding season is right around the corner! This month, we wanted to put together a list of winter wedding favor ideas for anyone who might be stuck finding the perfect favor for this chilly wedding season. Here are a few of our favorite options for wedding favors that are perfect for a winter wedding.


We are starting our list of favors off with a very luxurious winter wedding favor. We love how cozy it looks placing a collection of beautifully customized, warm blankets next to a "to have and to hold in case you get cold" sign!

NorthEast Fleece offers has custom blankets in a variety of options. You can customize a variety of throws at various price points as well as luxurious sherpa fleece blankets on their website.

Another great place to get custom blankets is Where To Get on Etsy. They offer these blankets in tons of patterns and colors (and in large quantities)!


There's no better way to drink something warm in the winter, than in an adorable custom mug that reminds you of a beautiful wedding. If you want to give personalized mugs as favors, you can get these custom mugs in bulk from MemoriesAndEffects on Etsy,

these mugs with a snowy mountain theme from Frumpy Acres on Etsy,

or these mugs with beautiful script letters from Details To Remember on Etsy!


If you want to send your guests home with a warm and cozy ambiance, candles make great favors. You can get cute custom candles like these rustic, floral ones from The Dancing Wick on Etsy,

these candles in small tins with multiple design and color combinations from Mod Party on Etsy,

or these candles with a long list of scent options from Sasha Candle Co on Etsy!

Hot Chocolate

A great way to continue the warm and cozy vibes after your wedding is over is to send your guests home with a warm drink . . . or at least something that can be made into a warm drink! Hot chocolate is a wonderfully festive drink that you can turn into cute favors. Here are a few examples we found on Emmaline Bride:

these cute hot cocoa packets with a custom stamp complete with mini marshmallows from Apropos Roasters on Etsy,


Not into hot cocoa? Tea makes another lovely warm drink favor option! You can put your own loose leaf tea (or coffee) in customized packets like these from The Kraft Moon on Etsy,


If you want to incorporate a Christmas tradition into your wedding, you can get ornaments as your favors. One way to get creative with this favor is to get ornaments that represent something unique about your wedding or the location in which you are getting married. For example, you could get a palm tree ornament to remind your guests of your winter wedding in California! You can also, of course, get personalized ornaments like these wooden ones from World of Wedding Gifts on Etsy,

Small Pine Trees

Lastly, the perfect gift to put beside a "let love grow" sign: small pine trees! Like these ones that were featured on,

photo credit: Greg Finck

We hope you enjoyed all our winter wedding favor ideas! Let us know if you have any other fun, festive favors to add! In the meantime, happy winter!


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