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What to Choose: Band or DJ?

One decision that many couples struggle with when planning their big day is whether they want to have a band or a DJ for the music and entertainment on their big day. For some, this might be an easy choice to make because the vibe of their wedding lends itself to one specific option. Others, however, find difficulty picking between two great options, especially if both options would work with the overall look and feel of their wedding day.

If you are trying to decide between a band and a DJ for your wedding, here are a few things to consider.


Let's start with the main (and for many, the most important) difference: price. DJs are generally the less expensive option, and the cost to hire a live band will typically also increase as the number of band members increases. For couples who prefer a live band or have a very specific sound they are looking for, allocating a larger chunk of their budget on music and entertainment may be in their best interest. Couples who are trying to save money for other vendors, however, may want to consider a DJ.

Music & Song Choice

Some couples might have a preference for how they want certain songs to be played. They may want to slow down a faster-paced song, or they may want a song to be played exactly as it was recorded. For example, couples may want to slow down a more upbeat song for their first dance, and would easily be able to do so with a band. Alternatively, there may be a significance or importance in the way certain songs are played, like line dance songs that may be more difficult for guests to follow along to if performed by a live band. In this case, a DJ might be better a better choice.

Overall Sound

When coming up with the overall picture of how your big day is going to look, overarching themes and aesthetics might emerge. Some couples might have more of an eclectic feel, while others might have a specific theme that is present throughout all elements of the day. For some, it may make more sense to choose more of a diverse music selection, in which case, a DJ may be a good option to bring that vision to reality. Couples who want a specific sound or feel, however, may find that their taste is more closely aligned with a band that can produce a uniform, streamlined sound or style of music.


Bands and DJs both produce very different vibes and atmospheres. There is a certain "performance" vibe that comes with a live band, which can make the experience more unique and intimate for those listening. DJs, however, may be able to mix music or intensify the base for couples that want a completely different sound and feel.

Like all vendor choices, music and entertainment depend largely on your style and the atmosphere of your special day. In the end, there is no wrong choice!


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