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Ways to Stay Calm & Relax While Wedding Planning [Part 1]

Wedding planning can be very overwhelming. Even the calmest bride can find herself stressing over choices, options, and opinions. If you are starting to feel the stress of planning, here are some ways to reset, keep calm, and plan on!

Tackle Tasks Early

One of the best things to do when wedding planning is to get started on your checklist as early as possible. Feeling like you are already behind on tasks? That’s ok! Once you finish your current chunk of tasks, try to get a head start on the next set. Many wedding planning resources will provide helpful checklists complete with a timeline of when each item should be completed. Bump up the list by a couple weeks and the next time you feel like you are falling behind, you will actually be right on time! The earlier you can tackle your wedding to-do list, the less stressed you will be when it’s crunch time.

Take a 24 Hour Break

When your brain feels like it is drowning in wedding decisions, sometimes the best thing to do is give it a break. Try to forget about everything related to wedding planning for 24 hours and do something else: plan an activity, go out with friends, or just have a movie marathon at home! Putting all wedding planning on hold for one full day will allow you start fresh tomorrow and can help you see things from a different perspective. Even if it feels like everything on your wedding list needs to get done today, just press pause for a short while. Vendors and checklists items can certainly wait until tomorrow.

Take a Bath

Want a quicker fix than a 24 hour break? Take a relaxing bath! Or if baths aren’t your thing, take a nice long shower. Read a magazine, play your favorite playlist, or catch up on a podcast while you do - that way, taking a bath can act both as a short break and quick refresher. This is a good way to quickly reset when you don’t have the patience or time to take a full 24 hour break.


Talk to your partner, family, or friends, about how you are feeling and about what is making you feel overwhelmed. This may seem like a daunting task, especially if you are beginning to feel pressure from those closest to you, but chances are they are willing to help no matter how many opinions they have. Splitting up tasks can prevent them from piling up and sometimes, just getting things off your chest can help you feel better and give you the boost you need to move forward with your checklist.

Hire a Wedding Planner

When all else fails (or ideally, before all else fails!) hire a wedding planner! That is what are are here for! We want to take the stress and pressure off of you so that we can do what we do best and you can enjoy the time leading up to your special day. Not sure where to start? Need help dividing and conquering? Just need someone to vent to? A wedding planner can take care of all of that, and more. If there is anything we can do to help, just drop us a line here, we would love to chat!

Edit: you can see part 2 of this post with more tips on how to stay calm and relax while wedding planning here!


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