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Things to Have in Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

One thing that can help keep wedding day anxiety at bay is to prepare an emergency kit with a few essentials to have at the ready on the day-of. Even if the emergency kit goes untouched for the entire day, having a few "just in case" items on hand is a great way for couples to feel more at ease. While many wedding planners (us included!) come prepared with an emergency kit, we wanted to provide a list of a few essentials for any brides or grooms looking to create a small kit of their own.

  • Hand sanitizer. While this is always a good essential to have, given the current pandemic, we recommend throwing in a backup face mask too, just to be safe!

  • Touch-up necessities: anything from makeup and hairspray to perfume and cologne. Whatever you might need to touch up your look throughout the night.

  • Bobby pins to keep your hair in place all night long.

  • Floss to keep everyone's smile picture perfect!

  • Mints to freshen up. (A toothbrush and toothpaste would work too!)

  • Deodorant for even more freshening up.

  • Tissues for all the happy tears!

  • A lint roller to keep everyone's outfit looking just right.

  • Clear nail polish for manicure touch-ups.

  • Scissors to snip loose thread or ribbons.

  • A mini first aid kit for small cuts and scrapes or blisters from too much dancing!

  • Stain remover because accidents happen!

  • White chalk, which can help cover wedding dress stains that won't come out!

  • Safety pins & wardrobe tape for any wardrobe malfunctions.

  • Pain reliever for sore feet or an unwanted headache.

  • Pens not just for the guest book, but also to write last-minute cards or to sign a last-minute check!

There you have it! A small list of a few essentials to keep in your wedding emergency kit! This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it's just a little something to get you started. Happy preparing!


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