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Things to Consider When Creating Your Registry

With so many items to choose from and so many companies offering registry services, creating a wedding registry can be overwhelming! If you are feeling stressed about creating the perfect registry for you and your partner, here are a few key things to keep in mind to help you filter your options.

Take Inventory

When thinking about where to register and what to register for, it is important to first take inventory of what you have and what you don't have. If you think about it, registries are helpful for the couple that is moving into their first home together after marriage, but if you have both already been living on your own or even living together, you may already have most of the kitchenware and linens that you need. After taking stock of what both you and your partner have, you can then start to think about any items you are missing. This is a great place to start when adding the first few items.

Think About Your Home Together

Whether you are already cohabitating with your partner or not, it is a good idea to think about what your future home will look like together. What is missing to make your living space feel like a home for you both? Is there a specific color palette that you currently have that you want to continue working with, or is there a new theme that you want to create together? Thinking about what you want your future home together to look and feel like will help you narrow down the items that you want to include on your registry.

Think About Experiences

Registries don't just have to be kitchenware and linens. Companies like Zola and The Knot provide couples the option to not only register for standard wedding gifts but to also register for experiences and cash funds. If you are looking to have guests contribute towards your honeymoon or would really love to be treated to a fancy date night or couple's massage, there are options to register for that, too!

Consider Dinner Parties

Do you and your partner have large families? Are you considering hosting family dinners in the future? Taking into consideration the number of family members or friends that you could potentially invite over to your home is a good way to figure out how many place settings you might want to have. Some couples might be fine with a maximum of 6 place settings, but couples who have larger families or large groups of friends and want to host dinner parties together may need to prepare to have as many as 12 or more place settings.

Consider Price Ranges

When finalizing your registry, consider including items with a wide range of prices so that all guests can feel comfortable and able to gift within their means. Selecting items with a range of prices will give your registry variety and make it affordable for as many guests and budgets as possible.


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