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Reasons To Hire A Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding can be incredibly stressful, especially if you are trying to do it all yourself. If you are feeling lost and overwhelmed by checklists and decisions, it may be a good idea to consider hiring a wedding planner. Wedding planners can reduce your stress and allow you to enjoy your engagement and the months leading up to the big day. Here’s how:

Save Time

For the busy bride/groom, this is a big one. Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking, and many couples don’t have time for back-and-forth emailing, budgeting, contract reviewing, and other planning-related tasks. Hiring a wedding planner allows couples to take tasks off their plates while ensuring they are kept in the loop on the most important items.

Provide Vendor & Design Suggestions

From suggesting the perfect wedding venue, to designing a beautiful table setting, wedding planners can use their industry connections and expertise to put together the perfect event from the biggest vendors to the smallest details.

Coordinate with Vendors

Wedding planners make sure to follow up even after a vendor is booked to ensure payments are made on time and important details are shared with all the right people.

Moderate Discussions

Making wedding decisions can be hard, especially when there are a lot of opinions involved. Planners can easily come in as a calm, neutral party to help mediate conversions when discussions get heated.

Consider Logistics

It is definitely challenging to remember all the logistics when there are so many guests, vendors, and details involved, but professional planners make sure to consider even the smallest logistical details.

Ensure Month-Of Relaxation

Having a planner coordinate everything the month leading up to the wedding, means that you can enjoy every minute leading up to your big day. Many wedding planners will also help plan rehearsal dinners and coordinate the rehearsal the day before the wedding!

Stay on Schedule

There will be so much excitement and so much to do on the day of the wedding that it will be easy to fall behind schedule, but a planner will make sure to keep everything running smoothly and right on time.

Handle Emergencies

Broke a nail? Lost a button? Chances are your planner has you covered.

Take Care of Vendor Payments

It can be hard to remember exactly what payments are due once the reception has ended let alone ensure that all vendors are paid properly. Rest assured that your wedding planner will take care of that too so that you remain stress free even after the last dance!

Pack Up

Once the reception is over, your planner will help pack up the gifts, ensure vendors have loaded up all equipment and rentals, and take care of venue clean-up so that you can rest after a night of partying (or make it on time to the after party!)

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