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New Takes on Wedding Traditions

Today we wanted to follow up on our last blog post, Classic Wedding Traditions, with a list of some of our favorite modern wedding day traditions as well as some fun and new takes on a few of the classic ones.

First Look

Historically, couples were not supposed to see each other before their wedding, however, many couples have added their own twist to this tradition by doing a "first look." A first look can serve multiple purposes. It can help ease the couple's nerves by giving them some time to see each other before the ceremony, it can give them a moment to exchange personal vows privately, and it can also help them save time later by giving them an opportunity to take photos together.

The Wedding Party

While many couples opt to have several bridal party members with equal numbers of bridesmaids and groomsmen, many have opted to modernize this tradition. Not only do some couples choose to have different numbers on each side, but some elect to have only one of each. Additionally, brides have started asking their male friends to be their "bridesmen" while grooms will also ask their female friends to be "groomsmaids," making more diverse parties on either side. Alternatively, some couples choose not to have a bridal party at all and decide that they just want to stand up at the altar together, without anyone else.

New Takes on Being Given Away

There are also a number of modern versions of the bride being given away. In some cases, brides might choose to be walked down the aisle by their mother, as opposed to by their father. In other cases, brides can decide they want to be walked down the aisle by both parents. There are also some brides that do not to be walked down the aisle by anyone, and choose to process to the alter solo.

Wedding Dresses

The modern-day wedding dress no longer has to be a white, ballgown style dress. While a more traditional style dress is certainly a beautiful option, brides now have countless numbers of styles and colors of dresses to choose from! From cocktail-length dresses to mermaid style dresses to dresses that are off-white or a completely different color altogether!

Delayed Honeymoon

While some couples still take their honeymoon right after the wedding, these days, honeymoons can take place at any time! Not only does a delayed honeymoon help when coordinating work and time-off schedules, but it also gives couples the opportunity to save more money for their trip. As a result, many couples choose to take their honeymoon days, weeks, months, or even years after their wedding.

Wedding Cake Variations

To accommodate for dietary restrictions, and also to add a fun take on wedding cakes, couples have come up with creative alternatives to one huge wedding cake. While some choose to have a smaller cake with other sweet treats as a dessert option, others may even opt to not have a wedding cake at all and instead serve different kinds of wedding cupcakes or donuts.

Reception Games

In recent years, couples have been finding fun games to incorporate into their wedding reception. For an outdoor wedding or a wedding with an outdoor space, couples can set up lawn games for their guests to play, like life-size Jenga or corn hole. Additionally, couples can also set up games that they themselves can participate in, such as The Shoe Game. The Shoe Game is a game in which the couple sits back-to-back on the dance floor, holding one of each of their shoes. When asked couple-related questions like, "who is more likely to _______ " or "who is the better _______ " the couple then raise the shoe of the appropriate person. These games can be great ways to get guests (and the couple!) laughing and having fun at the reception.

We hope you enjoyed our list of some of our favorite modern-day wedding day traditions! Let us know if you think there are any we missed!


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