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20% Off Change the Date Cards

Looking for Change the Date cards to announce a wedding date postponement? Basic Invite has some great options and with our code, you can save 20% off sitewide! All cards come with over 180 different color options as well as foil options to add a pop of shine.

If you are looking for something personal, there are options like this card that allow you to add a personal photo.

Another personal option is this card that looks like a polaroid photo!

There are fun, modern card choices too, like this clear Change the Date card.

And of course, you can browse for something simple that will quickly and easily get your message across to your guests.

A good simple option is this fun and minimal card.

You can also add a romantic flair to your simple card with this floral option.

These and many more cards are available on Basic Invite and you can use our code to get 20% off your Change the Date and other wedding stationery!


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